“Every year, I leave this exhibition feeling insignificant
in the grand scheme of the universe”

The exhibition

Astronomy Photographer of the Year is an annual exhibition showcasing the world’s greatest space photography.

The exhibition takes place at National Maritime Museum in London, featuring over 100 photographs on brilliant lightbox displays.


Design overview

The exhibition space is divided into 9 sections (the categories of the competition), and displays 100 photographs with lightboxes and 3 interactive screens. It is a space designed to be versatile and easily upgradeable from one edition to the next.

Shortlist interactive

This interactive consists of a 21-inch touch screen and a projection. Using the touch screen the visitor can navigate through the 9 categories of the contest and select each of the images. The image is displayed on the projection and the technical sheet of the image on the touch screen.

Winning entrants

This interactive projection shows the video testimonials of the 3 winning entrants. Visitors can interact through 3 buttons that are activated by proximity. This was an addition that was made during the Covid-19 pandemic to avoid touch surfaces.