“Every year, I leave this exhibition feeling insignificant
in the grand scheme of the universe”

The exhibition

Astronomy Photographer of the Year is an annual exhibition showcasing the world’s greatest space photography.

The exhibition takes place at National Maritime Museum in London, featuring over 100 photographs on brilliant lightbox displays.


Project overview

The exhibition space is strategically segmented into nine sections, corresponding to the competition categories, and showcases 100 photographs illuminated by lightboxes, complemented by three interactive screens. This design is intentionally versatile, facilitating seamless updates and adaptations from one edition to the next. Such flexibility ensures that the exhibition remains both dynamic and responsive to evolving content needs, thereby enhancing the visitor experience and maintaining relevance across successive events.

Shortlist interactive

This installation features a dual-component interactive system designed to enhance user engagement and information accessibility. It includes a 21-inch touchscreen that allows visitors to intuitively navigate through the nine contest categories. Upon selection, each image is prominently displayed via a large-scale projection, while the corresponding technical sheet remains visible on the touchscreen. This setup not only facilitates a deeper understanding and appreciation of the artwork but also ensures a smooth and interactive experience for all visitors.

Winning entrants

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and with an aim to minimize physical contact, this interactive feature was innovatively adapted to include proximity-activated buttons. The projection showcases video testimonials from the three winning entrants of the contest. Visitors can engage with the content through three non-contact buttons, designed to activate by proximity, enhancing user safety while maintaining interactive functionality. This thoughtful integration ensures that visitors can still fully experience the entrants’ stories in a hygienic, touch-free environment.