“Let the sun in. Didn’t he just. Try to see Canaletto’s Venice Revisited at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich on a sunny day. You want the light on the Thames, a haze on the docks.”
The Times


The exhibition

Canaletto’s Venice Revisited was a temporary exhibition that took place at National Maritime Museum in London between April 1, 2022 and September 25, 2022. The works, from the world famous collection at Woburn Abbey, form the largest single commission the Italian artist ever received.

The exhibition displays 24 Canaletto’s paintings of Venice, and it’s divided into 5 sections: each one showing different interpretive aspects that help to understand Canaletto’s universe.

The last section is dedicated to Venice today and its problems due to mass tourism and climate change.

Project overview


The design of the exhibition aligns seamlessly with our curatorial goal to guide visitors through critical elements in Canaletto’s artworks. Recognizing the potential for digital displays to disrupt the traditional gallery aesthetic, we employed a nuanced strategy to integrate technology subtly. By creating animated digital images through video mapping that mimic the paintings themselves, we ensured that the digital enhancements complement rather than detract from the art, thereby maintaining aesthetic continuity and enriching the viewer’s experience.

To illustrate the impact of flooding in Venice over the past 150 years, we developed a comprehensive interactive data visualization system. This system integrates a touchscreen interface with a dynamic handler that allows users to navigate through a chronological graph, displaying the escalating severity and frequency of floods. The interactive touchscreen is seamlessly connected to a video wall that visualizes flood data spatially. This wall features a detailed map of Venice under a transparent perspex overlay, providing depth and enhancing clarity. It highlights the affected areas annually alongside corresponding data and images, offering a holistic and engaging educational experience.



“The show ends with a salutary video of the city’s recent floods and a powerful interactive tool that lets you see, from year to year, how the worst flooding in Venice’s history has hit in just the last few years.”
Jonathan Jones, The Guardian

The exhibition culminates with a video installation that presents personal testimonies from three Venetian residents. This installation is thoughtfully designed to integrate the video projection with vinyl-printed elements on the surrounding walls, ensuring a cohesive and immersive visitor experience. By harmonizing advanced digital media with physical space aesthetics, we create a powerful narrative environment that deeply engages audiences and connects them emotionally to the Venetian community’s experiences.