Ecocide is described as ‘serious loss, damage or destruction of eco-systems such that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants has been or will be severely diminished.’

Final Gallery shots of ‘The Moon’ exhibition in the Special Exhibitions Gallery, Sammy Ofer Wing, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

A rapid response collection

This was a useful pilot for rapid collection, with an unprecedented schedule for the National Maritime Museum: 19 days.

Friday 19th July 2019 at  07.40, the Metropolitan Police banned the use of the boat in an XR procession in Waterloo. Wednesday 7th August 2019 the boat was displayed and announced to the press.

This quick turnaround presented a number of challenges but staff across departments were proactive and extremely creative in finding solutions.

Polly Higgins was an international lawyer who spent the last ten years of her short life campaigning to protect the earth through the introduction of an international law of ecocide.

Design overview


One of the conditions from XR for the exhibition of this object was to use eco-friendly materials. My task for this project was the design of the panels, and I proposed to reuse old panels from previous exhibitons, paint them and print the interpretation.