Project overview


This project was executed in partnership with the marketing department to enhance visitor engagement through feedback collection. Initially, the museum’s galleries were equipped with touch screens that featured a comprehensive feedback form. However, analytics and visitor reports indicated that the user experience (UX) was overly complex, leading to underwhelming engagement.

To address this, we simplified the interaction by introducing an attractor screen that initially captures visitor satisfaction ratings. This data is saved immediately, ensuring valuable insights are retained even if a visitor chooses not to complete the entire form. This strategic modification not only simplified the data collection process but also improved the overall user experience, encouraging higher participation rates and more accurate feedback.

In our commitment to improving visitor engagement, the feedback form was meticulously designed to be both intuitive and user-friendly. Each question and response type was hosted on a separate screen, equipped with the most appropriate interactive element—be it radio boxes for single-choice responses, sliders for scales, or text boxes for open-ended questions.

To further enhance the user experience, several additional features were integrated. These included immediate feedback messages to encourage continued interaction, a clear display of the total process duration via a progress bar, and transparent communication regarding information privacy. These thoughtful inclusions were designed to make the feedback process not only user-friendly but also reassuring and engaging for all participants.