“J.M.W. Turner said that seeing a sea scene by Willem the Younger as a young man had ‘made me a painter’. This show should bring the Van de Veldes a whole new generation of fans.”
The Daily Telegraph


The exhibition

The Van de Veldes: Greenwich, Art and the Sea is a temporary exhibition that is taking place at Queen’s House in London between March 2, 2023 and January 14, 2024. The exhibition celebrates 350 years since the van de Veldes (father and son), two celebrated Dutch artists, arrived in London.

King Charles II offered them a studio space at the Queen’s House in Greenwich. Here they worked, creating royal commissions, magnificent paintings and tapestries, as well as thousands of detailed sketches, drawings and designs.

AV overview


It was the first time that an exhibition at the Queen’s House incorporated video mapping using a projector. This is because it is a listed building and interventions cannot be made on its walls or ceilings, being a challenge where to install the projector. For this reason, it was decided to hide the projector inside one of the elements of the scenery at ground level.

The exhibition also incorporates a touch screen that allows the visitor to consult in detail some of the sketches that the Van de Veldes drew as sketches for their paintings.